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swirl vol2 charisma cover V2 Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover

and keep an eye out for a new DEEP PURPLE specific book, covering all their UK releases from 1968-1982 on Parlophone, Harvest and Purple record labels, coming soon…! There’s also a Volume One Harvest Records 1969-1974 in the pipeline, also due out later this year.

I’m selling off more from my collection, so check out the eBay page to see if one of these can fill a hole in your own collection! Currently, Bridget St John (on Dandelion), Roy Harper (on Harvest), Crow (on Stateside) and Demick/Armstrong (on A&M) are for sale, with a few more to be added in the next few days…

bridget-st-john demick-armstrong stormcock crow-music


Nice playing copy of this rare Bridget St John LP on the collectable Dandelion for sale on eBay…

Bridget St John – “Ask Me No Questions” Dandelion S 63750

Originally released in 1969 in the US, this LP wasn’t released until June 1970 in the UK, by which time, Black Sabbath had already released their own debut LP covering the Crow-penned track “Evil Woman”. Here’s an original UK Stateside pressing for sale on eBay…

Crow – Crow Music, SSL10301


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swirl vol2 charisma cover V2 Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover

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Album launches, gigs and one of the very first Vertigo Swirl launch adverts from November 1969…all recreated in glorious colour and not available anywhere else!

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I’m gradually selling off part of my collection and there’s a few very nice LPs on my eBay at the moment…in particular the ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and Led Zeppelin ‘Untitled’ are particularly nice playing copies…and the Wishbone Ash and Colosseum are also very nice too.…

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colosseum wishbone-ash ferris-wheel pink-floyd-dsotm dr-marigolds-prescription jackson-heights-king-progress led-zepp-iv

Out now and completing the swirl story up to 1973 and includes two versions of Dr Z – yep, two versions! Also two versions of Linda Hoyle, plus all full details of all known pressings and versions to date…

swirl vol2

swirl vol 2 Dr z


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charisma cover V2 Vertigo Swirl Part 1 cover Sabbath-PDF-cover Led Zep cover ebook 19-8-15 Purple-cover